Zunibal S.L

ZUNIBAL is a dynamic technology-based SME with 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing, installation and after sales service of telecommunication equipment mainly for fisheries. ZUNIBAL bases its differentiation strategy on continual product research, use of cutting-edge technologies, eco-design and life-cycle sustainability. Currently, ZUNIBAL is diversifying its product portfolio into the ocean energy sector with the development of a novel on-board device for the supervision and control of operational hazards and a low cost metocean buoy.

Its first contact with the ocean energy sector was in 2012, when ZUNIBAL started to work on the idea of a control device for ocean energy converters. Throughout this period, ZUNIBAL noticed that the requirements of this growing sector can be covered by implementing its know-how in new products and services. This know-how exists in electronic and software development, mechanical design and communications expertise in marine applications such as fish location drifting buoys, software applications for management of drifting buoys, satellite communication devices, etc.

Recently, ZUNIBAL has joined the Energy Cluster Association of the Basque Country in order to enter in this new market.