SmartBay Ireland Ltd

SmartBay has been supporting the Marine Institute Ireland in the management of Ireland’s marine test and demonstration facility in Galway Bay for over three years. The facility was installed to support the trial and validation of Ocean Energy Conversion (OEC) devices at one quarter scale, but it also supports the collection of marine data for R&D communities and the low-cost trial, demonstration and validation of novel marine devices, components, sensors and instrumentation.

SmartBay is also assisting the Marine Institute in the management of an underwater cabled observatory that runs from shore to the ocean energy test site. This observatory has increased SmartBay’s capacity to observe the ocean, monitor the test site and provide enhanced support to OEC and instrumentation developers through the provision of shore-based power to devices deployed at sea and high bandwidth data links.

SmartBay presents to developers substantial expertise in marine operations, marinisation of sensors and equipment, and data management. SmartBay also provides stakeholder engagement, local supply chain procurement of materials and services and project management services.