Cluster de Energia

The Energy Cluster Association of the Basque Country was established in 1996 and is one of the reference stakeholders in the Competitiveness Policy of the Basque Government. It plays a key role in enhancing the performance of the Basque companies in the energy sector, by facilitating an industry-driven collaboration along the value chain and seeking public-private partnerships.

With 98 members, it integrates the main companies in the energy sector supply chain in the Basque Country, including energy operators, component and equipment manufacturers and service companies. In addition, players in the Basque scientific-technological field and public administration bodies with responsibilities in the energy area can be found between the members. The Basque Energy Cluster operates in seven strategic areas of priority character for the energy industry in the Basque Country, with electricity as a common link to all of them: Electricity Transmission and Distribution, Wind Energy, Concentrated Solar Power, Marine energies, Energy storage, Electric Vehicle and Energy Efficiency.

Wave energy is one of the prime commitments of the Basque Technological and Industrial Development Strategy. Through this strategy, the Basque Energy Cluster promotes development of the Basque Country’s industrial capacity and expertise in marine energies, with extensive involvement of companies and R&D entities in the activities launched by both the Wave Energy and Offshore Wind working groups.